Plaito - We Are The Children From The Stars

This song is for all the Star Children <3 Hello! I'm an Unsigned Artist from Byron Bay, Australia. If u feel the vibes, pls help out by sharing + liking. I want to do this WITHOUT a Record Label.#crowdpublishingBecause from what I've seen so far, record labels seem to just want to own, control and profit from their artists.This is why Lady Gaga threatened to quit music. She felt shallow, controlled, lost her creative freedom and said she was just being used to make money.I don't want that to happen to me. I'd love to prove that an artist can "make it big" with the help of their fans, without selling out to greedy record companies and losing creative control of their music. Could be fun.This song will always be free. I'm not against money, I just want to share the love. I have no problem with other artists charging for their music - but I refuse to make you pay to listen to this song. I think it cheapens it.This beautiful music was given to me, so I give it to you in the spirit of Freedom at no cost. This song is open. This means that you don't need any permission from anybody at any time to copy, distribute, edit, remix or cover any of my songs. It's yours to use for whatever you want - even commercially.I wrote these songs after giving up my mindless pursuit of riches and returning to my first love - music. Music is Freedom. I refuse to make people have to pay money to hear these songs.Free Download Here: of my Music Videos: #newpower #crowdpublishing #opensourcemusic #openmusic #musicisfreedom

Posted by Plaitō on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Plaito- We Are Children From The Stars

 Check out this music from Australian artist Plaito! This is the future of creative music from the star children.

Free Download Here: of my Music Videos: #newpower #crowdpublishing #opensourcemusic #openmusic #musicisfreedom

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