What is a star child?

Star children are children who have come here from all areas of the Cosmos to help raise the vibration of the planet and all living things on it into a higher dimension. Many star children know they are different and may even have recollection of their star family. Some of them speak of their star family visitors as if they were commonplace visitors in the home. According to Dr. Richard Boylan, star children usually have a mixture of human and extraterrestrial DNA, which is why their DNA is different than most children. There are many ways that his DNA modification can take place. Read more about that HERE.

Star children have been scientifically proven to have three or more strands of their DNA activated, vs. the two strand that most humans have. These children have past life recall, psychic, spiritual, and other extra sensory abilities. These children are the new humans and will bring peace, rebuild the broken down the domination and control systems, and help to shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come.

Because of their special abilities, they seem different to other people. Society has been brainwashed to think children should act a certain way and our educational programming is designed to take creativity out of their life. The worst part of the program designed to keep star children from doing their jobs here is mandated vaccine programs designed to stunt them or even kill them. Thus, many star children are better off being home schooled or enrolled in a Montessori school or similar. There is a refusal to vaccinate form that can be submitted to the public school if the child needs to go to public school.

Star children are vibrating at a much higher rate and most do not want to eat processed foods, GMO’s, and fast foods. Most children know exactly what they want and don’t want and are parents are wise to listen to their needs. Many if not all of these children are being labeled ADD or ADHD and another part of the program to stifle these children is to administer medications. Instead of trying to conform these children to the education system,  the education system should be conformed around them to help them shine.

Many star children are having an extremely difficult time adjusting to Earth life and dream of going back home. Their hearts are pure love and they cannot understand the way humans treat each other, and they are extremely sensitive to energies, emotions, toxic food, chemtrails, etc.

Some experts have labeled star children with names such as Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow. Most of these researcher say the Indigos came first, then the Crystals, and now the Rainbows. Although all of these children come from the stars, for the purposes of this website, we will not separate them into groups because there is no black and white cutoff point from one group to the other. It is not important to define whether a child is one or the other, although it is interesting in order to know why the child is here. What we classify as star children are children that we have no doubt are from the stars, and we are focusing on the young children on this website so this would include crystal and rainbows. Indigos are of course important too, but it is the younger star children that are exhibiting “superpowers” that are going to show adults what we are capable of. It is important to reach the parents of the babies and younger children especially during vaccination age in order to warn of the dangers and how it affects their energy field. Here is a great video about the crystals, indigos, and rainbows, along with vaccination information. http://thestarchildren.net/star-children-children-of-the-stars-by-author-nickki-patillo/

There are characteristics that can be seen at a very young age with what we are describing as the “Star Children” such as a third strand of DNA already activated upon birth. Star children have any or all of the following at a very young age:  extraordinary psychic powers, past life recall , direct contact with star beings, a clear mission to hold love and light, instant manifestation techniques, unexplainable prodigy talents, out of body trips (OBE’s) healing powers, and carry an immense amount of light that may affect street lights and electronics. As you can imagine, when a star child exhibits these abilities around people who have never experienced something like this before, they would definitely be classified and singled out as “different”.

Many of the Star Children with an extreme number of these characteristics are under 21 at this time. This makes it difficult to reach out to them in service and support without their parent’s permission as their guardian. Not all parents are aware of the shift of energy on the planet, although a great number of the parents are awakening and are seeking answers. Thus, websites are being created up in order to help these children receive the information that they need to understand. However, many parents are also researching why their child is different from most children. It is important that they learn how to nurture their star child in the highest and best interest for the child’s development, as out system is set up to stunt them at birth.

Who created this website and why?

TheStarChildren.net is a site by Michelle Walling created for star children and their families to have information about how to understand why star children are different and why they are here. The Star Children is a part of a family of websites designed to help share articles, videos, and radio shows with the world in an effort to help raise the critical mass needed to shift humanity form this third dimensional reality to a higher consciousness without war and domination and control. The family of websites can be found on Michelle’s website, michellewalling.com. The Star Children are here to help humanity make this shift.

It is of high importance to create a safe and creative space for the star children to communicate with each other. Most of them feel alone and ostracized from society, especially of they do not go to school. Mary Rodwell and Richard Boylan are pioneers in this field, and this website is a collection of information by them and many others who are providing critical information to star children of a young adult age as well as parents of the younger star children so that they understand why a star child thinks and acts like they do. It is also a way to open the mind about what a star child can teach us if we are just willing to listen. This website is also designed to spark an interest in a star child to recognize their mission and to share with other star children in a co-creative fashion.

Finally, one day it would be great to have a forum or chat room for star children to communicate with each other. Until then, please feel free to comment below any article or video with your experiences.

Michelle picMichelle Walling is the creator and webmaster for this website. Here is a little about Michelle Walling:

Michelle Walling is a transformational speaker, writer, webmaster, radio show host, and video blogger. After her spiritual awakening in 2010, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for In5d.com and bodymindsoulspirit.com in 2013. Michelle describes her awakening path as a fast track to enlightenment, as she was determined to uncover the truth about who she is and what her life purpose is. After studying hundreds of books, attending many seminars, having many psychic and astrology readings, and spending much of her time “going within”, she is very clear about her mission to help others. She accomplishes her goals by offering private sessions as well as speaking at conferences and seminars. Michelle also reaches thousands of people through her writing, radio shows, and videos. She became a Certified Holistic Life Coach in 2014. Michelle is the webmaster for six websites and is a contributing writer for In5d and BodyMindSoulSpirit. Ultimately, Michelle enjoys helping people find the answers to all of their questions by sharing her personal experience and by helping others “go within”.

Where can I get help with my star child?

You can start with a session with Michelle Walling. Michelle is a certified holistic life coach who is qualified in this area, and will help open many doors to expand your knowledge and understanding of how to move forward in the best way possible for you and your child. HERE is the link to her holistic life coaching website.

How can I share my story?

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